Providing a better lifestyle through pain relief and surgery

If you are going through life experiencing chronic orthopedic pain, or if you just need temporary relief from joint or muscle aches, our pain management services might be able to help.

As a full-service surgery center, we also offer alternatives to surgery, which includes the option of steroid and other injections to help with recovering injuries or to provide pain relief.

If injections aren’t enough to combat your pain, our surgeons also offer implants, which can help relieve pain and regain your mobility.


Epidural Steroid Injections

If you suffer from constant lower back pain or have sciatica, epidural steroid injections may be an effective option your doctor will recommend.

For years, these injections have been commonly used to treat chronic lower back pain and leg pain. Most of the time, the relief is temporary and you may need to receive several injections throughout the same year.

In addition to the temporary relief of intense pain, these injections also make it possible for patients recuperating from injuries to start and maintain a successful physical rehabilitation program.

SI (Sacroiliac) Joint Injections

This procedure, also known as a sacroiliac joint block, is used to diagnose further conditions and to provide short-term relief of chronic or acute back pain.

Your body has two sacroiliac joints and dysfunction and inflammation can cause intense pain. Many times, the result of this pain is because a patient suffers from sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

In order to diagnose this condition or any underlying concerns, SI joint injections are often used to help investigate potential conditions or disorders.

Usually, a diagnosis of Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction is made after the procedure if the patient is able to perform normally painful activities with about an 80% reduction in overall pain.

Transforaminal Injections

If you suffer from intense or chronic pain in your arms and legs, your physician may recommend a transforaminal injection for long-term pain relief.

The actual injection takes about 5-10 minutes, and is injected at the site of where nerve roots exit at the opening side of the spine. The purpose of the injection is to reduce inflammation and swelling of these spinal nerve roots, which are responsible for pain, tingling and numbness.

After the procedure, most people may feel slightly numb in their arms and legs, but should be able to return to normal activities within 24 hours. You may experience some pain or soreness after the procedure, and may be prescribed pain medication to help alleviate some of this discomfort.

Facet Injections

Facet injections are done to temporarily relieve back and neck pain caused by inflamed or swollen facet joints.

In addition to temporarily relieving pain and swelling, the procedure may also be recommended by your physician to help diagnose further conditions or complications.

Although the exact cause of facet joint pain is unclear, many specialists and physicians think that certain types of arthritis and disc degeneration could influence the pain and inflammation in these joints.

Most of the time, facet injections are recommended if other forms of treatment have failed, like oral steroids or physical rehabilitation.

After the procedure, most patients are able to walk around normally, but may have mild pain or soreness at the injection site in the days afterward.

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants

If you have undergone numerous injections or multiple surgeries for your back and neck pain, your physician may recommend spinal cord stimulator implants as an option.

The procedure sends electrical impulses to interrupt the pain messages being sent to your brain. A small device implanted near the spine sends out these impulses.

After the device has been implanted, you will receive a handheld controller that controls the intensity of the impulses and their duration.

If you have suffered from failed back surgeries or if you have a condition that causes chronic back and neck pain, these implants may provide your best option for pain relief.